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bb kyuppido
aa! I was looking at this art piece with a deer in my room that I did a few years ago and thought about deer too much :dead: and then I looked at the AT kyuppido I did and wasn't totally happy with

haha so maybe here's an early valentine's day gift ponypaws I hope it's okie! :heart:

he;s just so cute.... im weak

Kyuppido (c) ponypaws

image by moi
another messy sketch that somehow made it into life :faint: (I need to just... finish drawings properly sometimes but agh, I've worked on this in 5 minute intervals between school work omg)

but! at last I have a finished image of Finn's sister, who has always been linked to WSS but will now be joining as a rider!

Full name: Ceaira Donovan (kee-air-ah)
Nickname: none in particular
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Origin: Ireland
Birthday: 30th December (Capricorn)
~She has light blue eyes and dark hair, with quite fair skin and freckles. She tends to keep her hair short and doesn't wear a lot of makeup (it's too much trouble!) She dresses in whatever is comfortable most of the time. She has pretty long legs and is the tallest of the women at WSS.~
Personality: Can be loud and very outgoing, a bit of a whirlwind to meet for the first time. Sometimes she can't see social boundaries and says the wrong thing, but she's quick to apologise if she offends anybody. She's a big sweetheart really and would never hurt anybody intentionally. She's not always the brightest but she's loyal and hard-working. She's a proud animal lover and vegan.
Sexual orientation: look here.... she's a big gay, a big ol lesbian and she's not gonna hide it, she wants to talk about cute girls with u
Relationship status: Single
Likes: Cooking, Cats, Summer, Bugs, Hiking
Dislikes: Boring days, Rain, Uptight people

History: She hails from Ireland along with her brother, Finn, and cousin, Dimitri. Despite being the absolute sunshine she is, she had her trouble with mental health in the past and faced bullying in school and never ended up following a career path. She worked hard to overcome her troubles and managed to switch to a healthier mindset and thought she was set up for a life of minimum wage work at home, until she was offered the opportunity to join her brother at WSS as a rider. So she moved over to England to start a new life!

~None yet

I have only one horse planned for her so far but I'm gonna wait and see how that works out :dead:

Ceaira, WSS, Image (c) MrsYellow36
Maisie's Valentine
I'm on a bit of a snow hype and I couldn't resist this month's Kelljur art prompt :meow:

The one Kaldr loves more than anything is her owner (if not the snow, but both are good :thumbsup:)

:iconkelljur: Veita points - 9
(February 2017 art prompt)

(bless anyone who has never sat in deep snow in only thin clothing, y'all hearts must be so warm and pure)


WSS Kaldr, Maisie Rolland, Wild Spirit Stables, image (c) MrsYellow36
snow trails
Agh... I want snow so badly :dead: But I figure since it's the middle of Winter, WSS has already had snow!

Maise and Kaldr are big snow fans! As is Aph! But Michelle, not so much :XD: (She definitely cannot understand how Maisie can go out on the trail in the snow without a proper coat, more interested in the snowflakes than freezing to death :snowflake:)
(jees... if Kaldr gets snow powers from her deity WSS maybe never see Maisie again :lol:)

This is just one that popped into my mind and somehow made it past being just half a sketch like too many ideas I've had :faint: A rare picture with no reference used!! And it's not so bad (I think my people have just improved so much that it looks decent for now :aww:)

Veita points - 2 points T.T

WSS, Maisie, Michelle, Aphrodite's Tears, Kaldr, image (c) MrsYellow36



Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
. pixel doll request 2 - MrsYellow36 . by ponypaws
^^^^ my loves ~ by ponypaws! :meow:

Heyo! I am your friendly local nervous child from the UK! I've been known for art and animals for most of my life and have been drawing horses especially for a very long time. And I'm still at it! I've been around for a while here now and although I've had long absent periods, I always end up back again.

(pls just... stay away from my earliest deviations.... for your own good...)
I might be a bit late but there it is! :la:

Oh man, I haven't even thought about logging in for a while but it suddenly came to me today. I think a lot has happened since I last posted a journal here (and y'know what, I haven't talked about the last few months of my life to anybody so here's a vent summary)

So, I think I was heading into my final academic school year when I logged in last (many months ago) and was still at that point struggling greatly mental-health-wise. But all kinds of stuff has happened since then - I wasn't allowed to complete the biology course because I'd completely failed the exam, I didn't handle the transition to a new history class well and missed a lot of time due to the flu. I was also miles behind with my art coursework and in a bit of a mess. Eventually I cracked under the pressure and had to speak with the head of my sixth form, and I was allowed to stay on in school to finish my art course but quit history. Around that same time I started getting proper therapy for social anxiety!!

Only going to art lessons made things a lot easier for me. My class is smaller this year so it's been more manageable to attend the lessons. I have only one scheduled lesson nearly every day and spend the other 'school hours' doin artwork outside of lessons - and I can adapt to this ok most of the time (there are more times when the depression is really hitting me and I can't give as much of my focus to work but I just do what I can)
I'm now ridiculously busy with the coursework and am approaching the deadline! On Feb 20th I will be done with this project for good and will move onto a smaller project that will finish in around May - and at that point I think I will be done with school for good? and it's gonna be such a relief

And with the cognitive behavioural therapy - it was definitely useful! My last session was nearly a month ago and I believe I can go back after 3 months if I need to. Which I might, who knows. I'm nowhere near cured of anxiety but I have a better grasp of it all and what's going to help me get better. I still see a therapist in school every fortnight and it's just very useful for me to have somebody to talk to only about how I'm feeling and not have any obligation like with family or friends. I think I still need those sessions to to focus on the depression side of things because the two are deadly when together and are hard to fix (there's always one of them holding you back)

So! I've been in the middle of some crappy times again but things are looking up for now! I'm working hard and doing my best! And by the end of Feb I will have a bit more time to myself! (Thank goodness the deadline is before March 3rd because I'm throwing all my responsibilities out of the window once the new Legend of Zelda game is out)

I would like to be here more often but I don't know just how much time I'll have during my other art project (either way I'll try!)

What else has happened since last time...

!!!! what the heck is the US doing? why Donald Trump of all people? I think monkeys are more qualified?? I don't even live there and I only recently calmed my rage about that.

Oh! I'm also pretty much a vegan now - for nearly 5-6 months? I lost count. The only animal products I will excuse are honey and milk/egg products in Quorn (the meat alternative) because otherwise I end up eating nothing but cereal :faint: which I'd be fine with but I dont' wanna die

mmm... my dog is still super cute, my cat gets more and more beautiful every day, one of my fish is dying and? i'm still very much closeted but I realised that I'm a lil bit gay

I dont' know really... I'm still quite out of touch with myself and it's something I'm working on but I'm making all kinds of progress

and maybe i'll be here a bit more
whew i'ev reached that point where grammar has slipped away from me
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  • Playing: The Sims 4
  • Eating: some roasted vegetables
  • Drinking: water


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